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Single Piece 800 Years Old Walnut Wood Epoxy Resin Table

Single Piece 800 Years Old Walnut Wood Epoxy Resin Table

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Here is the story of a walnut tree from Anatolia. This tree lived for 800 years, its branches reaching to the sky. From the heart of this great tree, we have created a table large enough to seat 14 to 16 people.

This is not just a piece of furniture; it is a place to gather, share and create lasting memories. Now, let's take a closer look at this unique piece and get involved in its story.

The Story of 800-Year-Old Wood Table Design

The life of this table is hidden in the growth rings of a walnut tree deep in the Anatolian soil. This mighty tree was the silent witness to countless seasons and stories. Today, it stands before us as a beautifully crafted table that reaches across the ages.

The green-brown epoxy that fills the table reflects the youth of the tree and spreads its age-old beauty throughout the room. Like fresh paint on an old canvas, this green-brown gives new life to the old tree.

The legs of the table are made to match the dark grain of the tree, blending the strength of the metal with the wood of the walnut itself. These legs stand strong and sure, just as the tree once stood in the Anatolian countryside.

And so, this table tells a story. A story of strength, beauty and history, just like the great walnut tree of Anatolia. Like a family treasure waiting to be discovered, it is ready to be the center of new stories, dishes and memories.

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