Live Edge Dining Tables

Live Edge Dining Tables

Choose from ready to ship unique live edge dining tables or customize to your specifications. We craft timbers from carefully selected trees. Utilizing kiln dried hardwood slabs derived from our in-house sawmill process. Each piece shaped by hand from live edge slabs.

Hey there! Welcome to the Gul Natural, where we turn pieces of nature into amazing live edge dining tables just for you. We're all about crafting tables that not only look awesome but also feel like a piece of the great outdoors. No matter where you are in the world - the US, UK, Canada, or anywhere in Europe - we've got you covered with speedy shipping and super safe packaging.

Our Craftsmanship Journey: From Tree to Table

Cutting the Wood: Our adventure starts with big logs, cutting them into thick slabs. Depending on the table design, we might keep the tree's natural edges or go for round shapes. This is where each table slabs begins its journey to uniqueness.

Drying the Wood: Patience is key, as we let the wood dry outside for around two years, ensuring it's stable and won't warp. Then, it's off to the kiln for a final dry, pulling out all the moisture and prepping it for perfection.

Smoothing the Wood: Next, it's all about getting that smooth feel. We start with a hefty machine to flatten the slabs, followed by sanding to achieve that silky smooth touch, ready for the finishing touches.

Final Touches: Here's where your vision comes to life. We cut the natural wood to your specified size, apply oils for that gorgeous finish, and sometimes add a splash of epoxy for vibrant colors or to achieve the perfect shape.

Adding Legs: The grand finale – attaching legs to transform the slab into your dream table. Whether wood or metal, the legs are the final piece of the puzzle, bringing stability and style.

Create Your Dream Live Edge Table

Ever dream of a table that fits your space just right? With us, you can choose from edges that are straight, wavy, or something totally unique. Plus, we offer a bunch of sizes. Whether you need a small table for cozy dinners or a big one for huge family gatherings, we can make it.

Pick Your Favorite Wood

We've got all kinds of wood waiting to be turned into your table. Fancy a Walnut or Oak table? Or maybe something exotic like Teak for outdoor dining? You choose, and we craft!

Color Your World

Want a table that matches your room's vibe? Tell us the color you love, and we'll make it happen. We also play with epoxy to add cool colors and make your table super special.

Stand on Style

Tables need legs, and we've got plenty to choose from. Wood, metal, you name it. We can even match the wood legs with your table using some epoxy magic.

Shape Your Space

Rectangular, round, oval, or any shape you can imagine - we can bring it to life. Just sketch it down, and watch us work our magic.

Crafted with Love and Care

Every table we make gets a coat of natural oil, making it look amazing and keeping our planet happy. We care about crafting something perfect just for you.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Wherever you are, we'll get your table to you, safe and sound, usually within 15 days. We make sure everything's secure all the way to your home.

We're Here for You

From the moment you think, "I want that table," till it's all set up, we're with you. We'll show you how your table's coming along with pictures and videos, so you're part of the journey.

Ready for a table that's all yours? Tell us what you're dreaming of, and let's make your room amazing. If you've got questions or just want to chat about making your perfect table, we're here for you with free design consultations. Let's start this adventure together!