About Gul Natural

Gul Natural, established in 2014, stems from a family's woodcraft legacy. We prioritize durable, eco-friendly furniture lasting for decades.

Our Story

Transitioning from rifle stocks to eco-friendly furniture, we prioritize sustainability and quality.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is making eco-friendly, long-lasting furniture to help the environment.

Core Values

- Sustainability: Prioritizing reclaimed materials.

- Durability: Building furniture to endure generations.

- Innovation: Constantly refining our craft.

- Community: Supporting environmental and social initiatives.

Our Team

The Gül family and artisans have years of woodworking expertise. They're dedicated to our sustainable vision.

What Sets Us Apart

Our focus on quality, sustainability, and customer input sets us apart.

Our Commitments

We aim to lessen environmental impact, back community projects, and create top-notch furniture.

Impact and Achievements

Our eco-friendly furniture and green initiatives got noticed, motivating others to follow suit.

Looking Forward

We aim to grow sustainability, connect with community, and innovate furniture design.

Explore our collection, learn about sustainable practices for a greener future.

Contact Information

- Email: info@gulnatural.com

- Phone: +90 533 382 39 51

- Address: Yeniceköy, İnegöl Bursa Karayolu 6.km Mobiliyum AVM B Etap Kat 2 NO:2/3 16400 İnegöl/Bursa/Turkey

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